Checking in

Hey folks,

Since my last post I’ve relied heavily on twitter to announce the day-to-day goings on, but perhaps it’s time for a more formal post.

Work continues on Form Tools 3.1. This version moves the upgrading and installation code to within your Form Tools installation itself, so now when you first install the application you can choose whatever components you want, and after installation, adding or upgrading your application should be just a matter of point-and-click. No more manually FTPing files! It should be simpler for everybody.

Work has gone pretty slowly to be perfectly honest. Form Tools is a very large application and really deserves a full time team working on it. Instead you’ve got me, working in my spare time. 🙂 Still, it’s coming along. I posted a short demo of how the new installation process will work, and the upgrade process is getting closer and closer.

Most excitingly (for me) Form Tools 3.1 introduces a number of great new code/infrastructure improvements:

  • React + Redux for the new highly interactive sections of the pages
  • Proper build process using Grunt + Webpack
  • Revising bundling process for actual production files.
  • Better integration with Travis (our CI) to detect and throw build errors if anything’s amiss.
  • FINALLY adding in a slew of tasks to improve the quality and consistency of the lang files.
  • Improved CMS steps and process to export and expose specific component packages for download by your application.

Anyway, it’s coming along! Once it’s functional I think I’ll have a sizeable amount of work still to do to revise and improve all the error handling. I don’t find this a particular difficult problem to solve, but it above all it must be solid and easy to identify any problems that arise.

Well it’s a bit early, but since I won’t make another post until the new year, Merry Christmas y’all!

– Ben

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  1. Nelson Costa says:

    Thanks Ben, and merry Christmas 😉

  2. admin says:

    You too!

  3. Thanks Ben, and merry Christmas.

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