Form Tools 3 alpha available

Hi all,

Well it’s been a looong time in the works, but the first Form Tools 3 alpha is now available! This is a complete under-the-hood rewrite of Form Tools which now supports PHP 7. Any help testing it out to find bugs is much appreciated!

Important stuff:

– This is NOT production-ready code.
– You CANNOT upgrade your existing Form Tools 2 installations yet. If you do, your Form Tools installation will stop working, so don’t do it!
– At this stage only the Form Tools Core is available. The Core includes all necessary code to install the script and for basic usage.

You can download the alpha here:

Please report all bugs here:

You can find more information on Form Tools 3 at the repo, here:

I’m going to start updating the modules etc. for FT3 compatibility, and fix whatever issues come up as they get reported.



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3 Responses to Form Tools 3 alpha available

  1. Nelson Costa says:

    GREAT ;)This will be a huge success 🙂

    Cheers for everybody who help 🙂

  2. Richard Bernstein says:

    Well, I have been trying to figure out if Form Tools is what I need to get my application going. I signed up but can’t seem to get permission to post a question. I keep getting: “You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:”. All I want to know is “will this work on Google Cloud”? But I can’t post a question to find out. I have resent the Activation code 5 times. I also can’t get the install to work. Is there a specific file I need to run? Or do I need to wait until some later date? I realize that this is a labor of love but at this point I am willing to pay for a product with SOME support. Can you recommend a competitor who is up and going with support that pretty much does the same thing as you guys?

  3. admin says:

    Hmm, I am sorry Richard – I wasn’t getting notifications on the news section here and didn’t see your question. Apologies!

    There was an issue with the forums a couple of months back that was preventing people registering – all fixed now. But with regard to your question, no I don’t believe it’ll run on Google Cloud. I see they’ve added PHP support since I last explored their site, but they still appear to have their own flavour of MySQL via CloudSQL. I’d need to spend more time investigating precisely how that differs from regular MySQL and how the code and DB interact, but my initial guess is that no, it won’t be supported.

    And yeah, there are plenty of alternatives to Form Tools. Form Tools is kind of unique in that it’s self-hosted, open source and gives you 100% free reign on creating your own forms for integration, but there are many alternatives that may fit the ticket: Wufoo, Form Stack and Google Forms are all decent.

    Again, sorry for the fuss you’d been through!

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