Website update

Hi all,

Well it finally happened! The new site is up and running. Over the next few days I’ll be making a few more fixes and updates –  but really just to get it to a point where everything’s once again working as expected.

This site update was a lot more than just a superficial style update, it’s actually the culmination of a mountain of work. I’ve posted about these changes before, but I think it’s worth bring up one more time.

  • All Form Tools code now publicly available on github.
    This is a massive change. Form Tools has always been open source but it was hidden away in an SVN repository, lacking visibility. And for a project of this size and scope that’s just not good enough. So, I’ve moved over all code to github where other developers can contribute to the codebase. This is absolutely vital for pushing the project along: it can’t always just be me writing the code.
  • All documentation is now editable.
    Previously the Form Tools documentation was in a closed database that only I could edit. Now on all documentation pages you’ll see an “EDIT” button that takes you to github to fix whatever typo I created, clarify the intent of what’s being said, or make whatever other change you think it needs. The entire documentation can also now be downloaded to run on your own computer, offline.
  • The website has been completely rewired.
    Any project that’s been around as long as Form Tools has a lot of accumulated chaos and noise going on behind the drapes. This new site throws out or rewrites a lot of old code, and now connects with the new github repos. In all honestly, it’s been a long, tedious process getting to this point, so despite its imperfections, it’s really great to see the new site out. 🙂

The upgrade and custom build scripts and currently offline. I’ll be working on getting those two back up tomorrow. Shouldn’t take too long – I’ll post about it on twitter.

Exciting times! Once I’ve done a little more housekeeping I’ll be making another post about what I’m planning for the project. Keep you posted.


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2 Responses to Website update

  1. Luis says:

    Hi Ben, I just wanted to thank you for all your work and sharing it with everybody! The site looks great!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Luis 🙂 We’re getting there!

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