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Hi all, long time no see!

I’ve been taking stock of the scope of Form Tools project these last few days and in order to push the project forward I’ve got to trim a few things back first. Think of them as austerity measures. 😉 As such, I’m removing the demo and bug tracking sections of the website.

The demo feature has been a bit of a disaster from the start. It’s a really cool idea and I don’t regret doing it: roll your own sandboxed demo, play with it for 24 hours and if you like what you see, download the script and get it going yourself. But it’s an unbelievable memory hog, impossible to maintain in its current state and taking up a lot of server resource (meaning: costing a lot of money).

The bug tracker is simply dated and no longer used. The entire Form Tools codebase is now over on github. Github has a much better bug tracker which is a better replacement. I’ve transfered all the reported bugs to github.

I’ll also probably put the old “donate” section back up again. I know sounds painfully self-serving, but donations go a long way to keeping this script online.


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2 Responses to Demo and bug tracker

  1. aha. now i understand why i couldn’t receive confirmation of registration to the site and neither to the forum.
    sorry for offtopic. i’ve installed formtools on the server and it seems works well. but have this question – how far and/or how easy would it be to have a possibility of mapping online pdf forms to the formtools? i can explain it better in a separate email with what i see as an opportunity rather than tossing space over here. if that is interesting please leave me an email and delete this comment

  2. admin says:

    Hey Lilian, hmm! Not getting the confirmation emails is actually unrelated to this issue. Did you check your spam folder?

    Regarding PDF forms, do they submit a standard HTTP POST? If so, there’s no reason it can’t submit to Form Tools along with anything else.

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