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Hi all,

Time for an update on what’s being going on around here.

For the new Form Tools site, I’ve been working on porting over the documentation into a self-editable form on github. I ended up settling on a popular tool called Jekyll which creates static content – kind of perfect for this particular situation. You can find the work here on github. It’s a bit early to contribute, however.

In case you missed it, my goal here is to allow the existing Form Tools documentation to be edited by anyone. Right now it’s closed off in a custom CMS, which is like so 2004. I’ve open sourced the documentation for all my other open source projects over the last couple of years and it’s kind of a no brainer for Form Tools.

Urgh… forums! We’re still battling the neverending tide of spam. A couple of days I decided to try a very different tack: I now manually approve all registrations. This is kind of a pain for you and me, since you have to wait for approval. But given the circumstances it may be the only option. Let’s see how it goes.
This is another of my open source scripts and the source of the majority of my donations. That script pays for Form Tools hosting and incidental costs, so it has to be my priority at times. Yesterday it was on the front page of reddit programming (a popular dev site) causing it to come crashing down. Oops. In the short term I’m going to need to focus on scaling that script up to accommodate the extra traffic. But this is all useful stuff for Form Tools – I’ll use the same hosting/scaling logic for Form Tools when the new site’s ready.

Update over!

– Ben

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