Site maintenance this weekend

Hi all,

Just a quick word of warning, I’ll be doing some site maintenance this weekend, so the site may be up and down for a while.

What I’m doing is revising the build + deployment process for this website to make it easier for me to roll out changes.

You’ll also see a few small changes as well. In particular, the proprietary bug tracker, currently found at is going bye-bye. All bugs will now be logged and tracked in the appropriate repository on github. I’ll be updating various pages (modules, themes, etc.) to link to the right sections.

– Ben

[EDIT: Urgh, this didn’t go very well. The hosting company I’m using is really not up to snuff – I’ve been meaning to move for years and this may prove to the be time. I’m going to investigate Digital Ocean and try it out with a couple of my other sites to see how it runs on there first.]

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