Integrating Form Tools with Email Management

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We’re often asked if we can add email functionality into Form Tools to send out and manage¬†campaigns. Email campaign management application can be complex, feature rich applications. While we’re not completely ruling out the possibility of adding some features like these applications they’re not on our development road map in the near future.

Many of these application come with excellent APIs that you can integrate with Form Tools. An email application we often use is Mail Chimp. It has an easy to use API that some of our users are already using with Form Tools. This thread thoroughly documents how to integrate a Mail Chimp newsletter signup form to a Form Tools form:

Special thanks to Brandon (michatmaster7) for his work on this.




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  1. nomad says:

    If you do not need to create email campaigns all online and prefer to use your private and secured local data and messaging system to produce a more complex messaging than just pure newsletter, I can recommend also Nesox Email Marketer running on local server or stand alone PC (windows).

    On-line web part of my system is based on Form tools, which processing orders, issues invoices and generates confirmation emails for clients but mainly sends emails with all order and business items to Marketing Manager.

    Stand-alone Email Marketer tracking these emails in background and if a new one arrive, automatically add/update a record in my local database. The rest of workflow is done localy then, Email Marketer has a powerfull Visual Basic script ability you can use not only for messaging and customizing your emails but also for easy read/write to all local databases or to connect to your accountant software.

    You have full control over the entire workflow, and you can fully integrate the data into your systems.
    I never needed it, but EM could modify the Form tools database on a remote server if necessary and usefull.

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