Hosting Problems

Hi all, has been experiencing a lot of downtime recently, for which we apologize. Our hosting company – who have been really pretty reliable in the past – has gone from bad to worse these last couple of months. We’re discussing moving to a new host, but nothing decided just yet.

Apologies – bear with us!

– Ben

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4 Responses to Hosting Problems

  1. Brandon says:

    If you’re looking for a good solid company, after several years of bouncing around, we have finally decided on We have a dedicated solution as well as a shared solution through them. Their uptime and customer service are pretty amazing and their facilities are tighter than Fort Knox… Just saying.

  2. Andy says:

    Been with Linode a while now. Roll your own dist on a vps… no hassles… automated backups if you want em. I’ve been very happy with them. Here’s my referral url!

  3. anomalophobe says:

    Webfaction has phenomenal support, and their pricing is outstanding!

  4. Krishna says:

    I experience the same problems from one of my hosting companies that has about 5000 domains/sites hosted on the same server. I have been experiencing regular down times, very slow loading of pages, and the site crashed two times in one year. I did a Reverse IP Lookup and found more alarming details about them. I had to do that because currently my site is down (crash) and the company offers no support. So, be careful and conduct a thorough study of your host before sign up. (Not the site I filled in here).

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