Hi all,

[I hoped that adding an explanation mark to the title would bring a little excitement to this post – but it really doesn’t. Oh well, worth a shot.]

I just updated the entire user documentation for some behind-the-scenes changes. It should look and function precisely the same way, so if you spot any broken links, images or anything else, please let me know.

The point of the change was to allow for the documentation to be used in different locations. Right now, the Core and module documentation is only on our site. But soon I’ll be releasing a Documentation module that lets you download the entire content (well, user doc, API and module doc sections) to have it available locally on your own installations and not have to keep returning to our site. The module will be a whopping 55MB or more, but I know this is something that has been requested a fair bit. Plus, having been traveling the last 5 weeks, I know the problems that can arise from not having stable internet.

Ultimately I want to tie it to work more closely with the Core + modules, so any page will link to the appropriate help page. But that’ll take a few small Core changes.

Coming soon!

– Ben

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