Forums updated + spam, spam, spam…

Hi all,

The forums have been updated to the latest version of myBB.

I’ve received a few emails from people who were unable to register, and that the forums were telling them they they’d been identified as a known spammer. Sorry about that! I thought that perhaps one of the spam detection scripts was being overzealous so I disabled it yesterday: BIG mistake! This morning the forums were filled with some extremely filthy spam, so I’m awfully sorry if you saw that. It’s all been removed now.

I’ve re-enabled the spam detection plugin and also installed a reCAPTCHA plugin to replace the built-in MyBB image verification. So in total, we have 3 layers of spam prevention: Akismet plugin, plugin and the reCAPTCHA. Hopefully that will keep the spam at bay.

If you DO have problems registering, drop me a line at and I’ll set you up an account manually.

– Ben

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