In Ireland without Internet + Export Manager update

Hi all,

I’m in Ireland for the next 10-12 days and am having a terrifically difficult time finding internet.The good news is I’m getting a lot of work done.

I just released an update to the Export Manager module, which includes a lot of new features. This new version is only compatible with the 2.1.0 alpha.


– compatibility with Form Tools Core 2.1.0.
– client-side sorting for Export Groups and Export Types.
– better navigation for the export groups.
– Improved permissions. You can now both map your Export Groups to particular accounts (as before), but you can configure them to only show up for particular forms / Views. This is helpful if you create custom export options that are particular to particular data sets or only offer export options to client accounts that see particular Views.
– assorted UI updates, both for the administration section and the embedded “Export Options” section at the bottom the Submissions page.
– Reset to Defaults page added. This clears out any changes you’ve made to the export groups + types and returns them to the default values.
– slight language-type change. Now when you install the script, it installs the language strings in the admin’s choice of UI language. The fields can still be customized using language placeholders, but I think that this is clearer. Seeing the placeholders (e.g. “{$LANG.export_manager.phrase_html_printer_friendly}” instead of “HTML / Printer Friendly”) all over the place is confusing, and it adds no value for the majority of users.
– simpler Smarty markup for the export types, which will hopefully make it easier to follow.
– by default, the printer-friendly and Excel export types include the View name in the title.

[EDIT: the module documentation has now been updates].

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