Upgrade script er…. well, upgraded

Hi all,

Next time you go to upgrade your Form Tools installation you may notice that the upgrade script has changed. Functionally, upgrading works just the same: just click on the “Update” link in your Form Tools installation and you’ll be redirect to this site. (For people running 2.0.2 and earlier, you’ll have to go to your Settings -> Main tab and click the “Check for Updates” button there).

Here’s what’s changed.

1. Component Dependency Tracking

The previous versions of the upgrade script failed to take into account dependencies between the Core and the components (modules, themes and the API). As the script continues to expand, it’s getting more and more complicated: any time we change the Core code, it introduces potential conflicts with modules, themes and the API versions that are available.

So to prevent people from accidentally introducing inconsistencies between their components, the Upgrade script now explicitly provides a recommendation on whether you should update or not. The whole script is a lot smarter: it forces you to upgrade those components if you selected a new version of the Core and your old components are no longer compatible. You do get a little control over what gets upgraded, but by and large you should just trust the script: upgrade everything it recommends!

2. Upgrade AND/OR install new components

I’ve often found that I’d need to both upgrade a Form Tools installation as well as install new components. This was kind of a pain having to do the two separately – especially if you have multiple modules to track down and install. Not any more! Now you can just choose the “Show all components” option and select whatever previously uninstalled modules/themes should be included in your upgrade file.

3. Alpha / Beta version compatibility

This new upgrade script also handles upgrading to alpha and beta versions – all versions will use this script for upgrading. You’ll notice that those options are currently disabled, however. Right now you cannot upgrade to the latest Alpha. That will be remedied in the coming weeks. Those options will be enabled whenever an Alpha/Beta version is available.

I think that’s pretty much it…! It’s actually an exceedingly complicated little script, now – so as always, please report any problems you encounter in the forums.

Thanks! 🙂

– Ben

P.S. and with this done, I can leave for San Francisco in the morning for Google I/O!!!

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