500 errors

Hey all,

Just a heads up about an ongoing problem with the site. My host (great though they are!) handles long-running scripts on the server by balancing all requests at a given time: if resources are at a minimum, they may kill the occasional process. It’s fair, but sure a pain! So if you see them from time to time, it’s nothing to do with the actual code or scripts.

Once I finish up a few other things I’ll figure out how to best solve this – but it’ll probably mean upgrading my hosting package to allow more resources.

– Ben

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  1. Crunchers says:

    It most certainly is NOT fair of your provider, Ben! That sucks!

    I’ve got a couple of good shared hosting providers I can recommend to you, Ben (UK-based though). And, no – I’m not on commission.

    Failing that, you could always go for a managed VPS(?).

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