Translation files – live!

Hey folks,

The translation files are now back up and running. With the aid of Google Translate, we now have 25 complete translate files available, with 3 other languages not currently supported by their API (Azerbaijani, Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese). Translators can now log into Open Translate as before and work on the translations.

I ended up providing only TWO metrics on the translations page: % translated and % auto-translated. I dropped the previous % reliable metric, since it seemed partly redundant. I think that the % auto-translated column gives people a pretty good idea of the quality of the translations. Once a translator has reviewed an auto-translation and approved it, the percentage of the auto-translation will go down. As soon as an entire language’s auto-translations have been reviewed by a real human being, the % auto-translated column will be 0%.

Known problems

Thanks to those folks who’ve let me know that the zip files don’t unzip properly on Mac. I’m working on it!

Coming (very) soon…

  • Translators will have an option to filter all available translations by a “unreviewed auto-translations” so they can focus their efforts on cleaning up the auto-translations
  • All other available languages from Google Translate will be added for Form Tools
  • People wanting to help will be able to create a translator account for themselves via the Form Tools site rather than manually contacting us.

I should soon be able to get to work on Form Tools 2.0.1 Beta. Nice. 🙂

– Ben

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2 Responses to Translation files – live!

  1. thank you for facing the mac zip problem.
    Great piece of work and a beautiful tool!
    regards from Italy

  2. admin says:

    Hi Michele,

    Thanks for the kind words! 🙂 I just fixed the zip file format for the translations files – give it a go now. Later this week I’ll fix up the other zipfiles for the modules and core build.

    And hey from Vancouver, BC!

    – Ben

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