Open Translate Update #2

Another short update.

I’ve now integrated Google Translate with Open Translate – the script that handles the translation management for Form Tools. Now after inputting whatever content you have to be translated into Open Translate, there’s an “Auto-translate” page where you can just click a single button to populate the language files with a base translation from Google Translate.

On the translations page, you’ll soon be seeing a third statistic for each language:

  • % translated (will be 100% for all Google-translate supported languages
  • % reliable
  • % unreviewed auto-translations

That third percentage should give users an idea of how “raw” the translations are, in addition to % reliable. In order for % reliable to get to 100% for a language, two independent translators need to .

Anyway, coming soon! I’m just doing QA right now.

– Ben

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