Open Translate Update / back soon

Hey folks,

Sorry I haven’t been around in the forums over the last few days. Turns out our house is collapsing under our feet so my girlfriend and I have been busy with repairs. I’ll try and help out in the forums later this week.

On the Open Translate front, I’ve finished the initial database refactor to add support for versioning of the data. She’s a thing of beauty! I’m also updating a lot of the business logic and simplifying some stuff. For one, data categories and languages are now associated with project rather than versions of the projects. I found that having that level of details just wasn’t of any practical value and added significant complexity to the script.

Anyway, assuming my house doesn’t collapse and squish all my pets I’m shooting for getting the new version of Open Translate done by the end of the month. All Form Tools language files will be updated at that point with auto-translated content by Google Translate. Translations will then become more of a review process.

Anyway, I’ll post more when we’re closer to release date.

– Ben

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