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2.0.5 bumped to 2.1.0

Just a quick remark: 2.0.5 is going to become the 2.1.0 release. Technically, the x.y.z numbering convention is for Major Release, Minor Release, Bug Fix Release – but I’ve never bothered following it that closely. But since 2.0.5 contains more … Continue reading »

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Form Tools 2.0.5 UI Screenshots

Hi all, Thought I’d post a few screenshots to show you a few things coming in 2.0.5. None of these screenshots are totally final, but they’ll still give you a good idea of where we’re heading. Edit Form -> Fields … Continue reading »

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2.0.5 Update

Hi all, There hasn’t been much apparent activity around here for a while, but in fact I’ve been very busy on the next release! 2.0.5 continues to pave the way for the eventual form builder. There’s still a long way … Continue reading »

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Bug Tracker down again

*sigh* NEVER go with non-open source software. 🙂 Trying to get through to their help support now. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon. – Ben [EDIT: it’s back from the grave. Sorry for the downtime]

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Moved to new server

I’ve been informed by my host that has been moved to a new server. I haven’t personally noticed anything that’s been affected by the move yet, but please let me know through the forums if you spot anything that’s … Continue reading »

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