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2.0.0 Final Released

Hey folks, I’ve just released 2.0.0 final – we’re out of Beta! See my previous post for more information. To celebrate, I just had my traditional shot of jagermeister & red bull. Disgusting! But, well, tradition is tradition. Enjoy! 🙂 … Continue reading »

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Rethinking “Beta”

Hey folks, I’ve been receiving a number of questions about why Form Tools 2 is still in beta and when a final, stable release will be out. Many people are clearly concerned about getting on board with a script that … Continue reading »

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Media Gallery module

Happy New Year! This was a project I started a couple of months back when taking a course on Actionscript 3, but never found the time to complete it. The Media Gallery is a module that provides an alternative interface … Continue reading »

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