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Back soon…!

I’ll be getting to all the various tasks this weekend at some point. Lots of stuff just got piled on my plate! I appreciate the patience. – Ben

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Custom Form Tools Build Script Added

Finally got round to this, too! I’d actually written the script a few months back, but didn’t have time to push it live. Now you can generate a custom zipfile containing whatever contents you want. I’ve been using it for … Continue reading »

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Documentation search added

Finally got round to adding a search tool for the documentation. It searches all the different documentation section (Modules, Core doc, API, Theme Development, Module Development and Tutorials) simultaneously and returns a weighted response, depending on the location of the … Continue reading »

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Project Update

Hey folks, A question I’ve been asked a lot recently is “is Form Tools 2 ready for a production environment?” so I thought I’d make a few remarks about the overall state of the project. At this stage, I would … Continue reading »

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Text Override module

Hey folks, I just released another module: Text Override. This is a very small, very simple module to solve a particular problem I encountered with a client. The client didn’t like the term “Edit Submission” and preferred “Edit Attendee” – … Continue reading »

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Extended Client Fields module

Hey folks, I’ve added a new Extended Client Fields module which allows you to construct any number of additional fields for the client accounts. This module requires today’s build (2009-04-02) and will not function with any earlier version. See the … Continue reading »

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