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Blank Page Bug; Public Beta!

Installation: Blank Page Bug There have been several bug reports stating that on step 4 of the installation script they get a blank page. But to this date I’ve not yet been able to either reproduce or see this problem … Continue reading »

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Online upgrade tool updated

For the next little while, the online upgrade script on this site will be up and down while I make a few improvements. I’ll update this post when everything’s been resolved. [EDIT]: Tools has been updated to 1.0.2. Now it … Continue reading »

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Form Tools 1 Data Import Module added

Hey folks, As promised, a module for importing your old Form Tools 1 data has been added. It’s not perfect, but it does the job of importing the vast bulk of the database information: client accounts and forms. The module … Continue reading »

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Submission Accounts Module

A new module has been added: Submission Accounts. This lets you convert your form submissions into user accounts, letting the people who originally submitted the form log into the module and edit their submission (and only their submission). The documentation … Continue reading »

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Documentation Done. Sorta.

The vast bulk of the documentation is now written, thank heavens. If I smoked, I’d have a nice cigarette right about now. I’ll review the entire opus at some point, and revisit a few of the tutorials which need a … Continue reading »

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Translations Available

I’ve now branched the old Form Tools 1.x translations as a separate Form Tools 2 branch. Existing translators will now see the new “Form Tools 2” project when logging in, which they can choose to help translate. I’ve salvaged … Continue reading »

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Demo Online!

The new Form Tools 2 demo is now online. If you notice anything fishy going on, let me know! – Ben

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General Update

I just noticed it’s been a good couple of weeks since my last update, so I suppose another one’s in order. I’m still shooting for a March 1st Public Beta release date, but now the deadline is looking pretty scary… … Continue reading »

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