Form Tools 3 final release

Hi all, Quick announcement. Sometime around April 15th I’ll be making Form Tools 3 the standard build, and dropping Form Tools 2 from the download page. The code will always be available at its home on github, but it’s time … Continue reading »

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Forums taken offline

Hi all, I’ve received a handful of emails this week from people saying that their email addresses used only in the Form Tools forums have been used in phishing attacks against them. This is extremely worrisome. Naturally we don’t pass along any information … Continue reading »

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Site maintenance this weekend

Hi all, Just a quick word of warning, I’ll be doing some site maintenance this weekend, so the site may be up and down for a while. What I’m doing is revising the build + deployment process for this website … Continue reading »

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Security certificate

Hi all, We renewed the SSL security certificate for, but apparently the process takes several days. So in the meantime you may noticed your browser whining that the cert has expired. It’s true! It has! Should be fixed soon. … Continue reading »

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Premium modules offline

Well hey there! It’s been quite a while since I was around. My name’s Ben, I’m the lead developer of Form Tools. Just a quick note. Form Tools premium modules are unavailable for the next month. More details to come! … Continue reading »

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Ongoing Site Update

I’ve just started the site update. Expect things to look a little haywire for a while. I’ll update this post when it’s complete. UPDATE: the main download package, Form Builder package download, modules, themes and API downloads are now up … Continue reading »

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Impending site update

Hi folks, Just a heads up: the site will be down for maintenance in the next 48 hours or so. I’ll be rolling out the new website, Form Builder module and Form Tools 2.2.1 (minor update). I’ll try to make … Continue reading »

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Site Maintenance

Hi all, We’re doing some maintenance on the site, moving some subdomains over to different users and other such dull technical stuff. You shouldn’t see much downtime, but if you do – that’s why! – Ben

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