Week off.

Hi all, I’ll be away the next week, so sorry if I’m around in the forums even less. A friend’s getting married in Jamaica, so I thought I’d escape the weather for a bit and drink some Jamaican coffee for … Continue reading »

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Back soon…

Hi all, Sorry I haven’t been around to help out in the forums recently. We’ve had a high volume of contract work to do, and I haven’t had time for very much else. Back soon! – Ben

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Forums updated + spam, spam, spam…

Hi all, The forums have been updated to the latest version of myBB. I’ve received a few emails from people who were unable to register, and that the forums were telling them they they’d been identified as a known spammer. … Continue reading »

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Feature Request Survey

Hi all, For a long time now we’ve been getting feedback via the forums about what features they’d like to see, but we’ve put together a survey that lets you explicitly rate what features you’re most interested in seeing. It … Continue reading »

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Off to Norway…

Hi all, Sorry I haven’t caught up in the forums the last day or two… it’s been tricky finding time. I’ll try to get to it tomorrow afternoon/night – I’ll be catching an early train from Stockholm to Oslo and … Continue reading »

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In Ireland without Internet + Export Manager update

Hi all, I’m in Ireland for the next 10-12 days and am having a terrifically difficult time finding internet.The good news is I’m getting a lot of work done. I just released an update to the Export Manager module, which … Continue reading »

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Spam, spam, spam, spam!

So I’ve installed another forum plugin to help counter the spam that’s been coming in. It gets fairly decent reviews, but we’ll see. Oddly enough, the Akismet plugin wasn’t catching everything… possibly I misconfigured something. Anyway, if you have any … Continue reading »

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formtools.org 500 errors

Hey all, Just a heads up about an ongoing problem with the site. My host (great though they are!) handles long-running scripts on the server by balancing all requests at a given time: if resources are at a minimum, they … Continue reading »

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Form Tools Developers Wanted!

Hello web developers! We’re on the lookout for some talented web developers, familiar with Form Tools implementations that would be interested in taking on  contract work from time to time. If you’re interested, fire off an email to Joseph Lo … Continue reading »

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Europe in May

Hi all, I’ve booked off a full month from my work in May – early June, and plan on going to England, Holland, Germany and up to Scandinavia (maybe Iceland on the way home, time permitting). It’ll be a sort … Continue reading »

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