Passing the reigns

Incredibly, I started Form Tools 16 years ago, and over the years it just grew and grew… cool new modules, never-ending reams of documentation, website updates, and new feature after feature after feature. But the larger it became the less feasible … Continue reading »

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Time off from project

Hi all, I’m going to be taking a break from to focus on another project for a while. For many years now, another of my projects – – has paid the bills for all my other open source … Continue reading »

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3.0.13 released + update about 3.1

Hey all, two things to discuss today: 3.0.13 released This release included some really finicky, technically logic so it took a while to get it right. But no matter! Today Form Tools 3.0.13 was rolled out, which includes these nice … Continue reading »

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Checking in

Hey folks, Since my last post I’ve relied heavily on twitter to announce the day-to-day goings on, but perhaps it’s time for a more formal post. Work continues on Form Tools 3.1. This version moves the upgrading and installation code … Continue reading »

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Upgrade script online

After a long vacation, the upgrade script is back online. Yeah! Now when you click on Update from within your Form Tools interface, you’ll be directed to the Form Tools site where you can generate a zipfile containing whatever specific components you … Continue reading »

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End of an era: forums closing

Hi all, In order to keep things growing, sometimes you need to do some pruning. So once Form Tools 3 is released I’m going to be archiving the forums and moving all support to github where the source code is stored. … Continue reading »

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3.x roadmap

Hi all, With Form Tools 3 now in Beta, I thought it might be time to tease the goals for upcoming 3.x releases. I’ve had these ideas stewing around in my head for months so even though they’re not yet … Continue reading »

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Form Tools 3 beta available

Hi all, Just a heads up that the Form Tools 3 beta is now finally available. The alpha went through around 5 months of testing and patching, so I’m anticipating the beta period to be a relatively mellow one. If I … Continue reading »

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Boring technical post about FT-next

Stem your excitement! Time for an extremely boring technical post about the next version of Form Tools. Caffeine pills on standby! I’ve dubbed it FT-Next partly to sound cool, and partly because I’m no longer sure if it’s going to … Continue reading »

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PHP 7 support

Hi all, One week in, and the new site hasn’t completely melted yet! Hell, I’d consider that a triumph! 😉 Naturally I’ll continue to patch any bugs that come in, but I’ll soon be turning my attention to the actual … Continue reading »

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